Wedding photography with an authentic vintage look

If you want an authentic vintage look to your wedding photos - I can shot your wedding on film with these vintage family cameras, both 35mm and 120. This give a unique look and feel to your wedding photographs. The Wedding Gallery has a mixture of film and digital photographs, please call the office mobile on 07930 433 467 for further details.

My Fathers & Grandfathers cameras 

This is my favorite vintage camera which was my Fathers and made in 1956. This rolleiflex camera takes 120mm film and  produces beautiful square images, it is such a joy to use.
This was my Grandfathers camera it takes 35mm film and has a razor sharp images. My Grandfather was an artist and he used it to photograph the landscapes he painted.
I love this vintage instant camera. It produces credit sized photographs. Don't worry I don't shoot weddings on it , I use it for my personal photography projects.
                  Vintage wedding photography and cameras